Select the OWA site closest to your Exchange server:

Iowa City
Old Tappan
UK (80 Strand)
UK (Harlow)
Hong Kong
Cape Town

If you are not sure where your Exchange server is located, please click HERE.

OWA Server Locations

Please note:
You can connect to your mail using ANY OWA server. By connecting to the server closest to your Exchange server, you will decrease the amount of time it takes to access your mail.

As a general rule, your OWA server will correspond to your business units' technology hub. The technology hub is the site that houses the mail and network infrastructure for supporting the Pearson businesses.

OWA Server Facilities Supported
Iowa City Iowa City, Mesa, Scottsdale, Champaign, Bloomington, Eagan, Owatana, Corbin, Lawrence, Austin, Colombia, Mexico (NCS), Argentina (NCS), Canada (NCS), Melbourne (NCS) & Sydney Australia, China (NCS), India (NCS), Japan (NCS)
Old Tappan All NY/NJ Facilities, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Glenview, Mexico (PE), Argentina (PE), Canada (PE)
UK (80 Strand) 80 Strand, Manchester
UK (Harlow) Harlow
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Singapore Singapore
Australia Pearson Australia Group sites including New Zealand, India and China.
Please Note: Former NCS Sites (Melbourne, Sydney, New Delhi, Bejing and Tokyo) please use the Iowa City hub.
Cape Town South Africa